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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for November 23,  2014

           Of all the gifts of the Spirit the one that I believe is the most powerful incarnated within mankind is the ability to feel a deep sense of gratitude.  Gratitude develops loyalty, honesty and even beauty.  Not the beauty that the physical eye beholds but the beauty that weaves its way through the senses when genuine gratitude is felt.  Not everyone has the capacity to feel this deeper sense of gratitude as it is not something that springs from the physical or the experiences of life but is felt deep within at the level of our soul.

          We read and hear so much about "gratitude" that is focused at the level of surface mind.  We are told to affirm that we have gratitude and that this affirming that we are grateful for what we have will draw to us more of what we desire.  And I suppose this is true to a point but usually this is a long route to an unpredictable result.  Our gratitude must always be centered in consciousness ... the level of our soul.  And we must have the realization of why we are grateful.  To say I am grateful for my job or my car or my home or my health or my whatever, may be true, but it is all too often surface sensation rather than a deep sense of gratitude.  To realize that all that I have in the physical is just a fragment of all the good that is truly mine for the asking takes us into the realm of a higher truth.

       The Master Mind Jesus throughout his ministry tried his best to get the people to understand the Principle of Abundance and the spiritual laws that the Principle governs.  He said in confidence and truth, "all that the Father (Spirit) hath is mine" ... and he said this from the subjective level of mind; at the level of his soul that understood that this is a universal, changeless truth for all of us.  In the consciousness of this truth he knew that whatever good we accept for ourselves at the deepest level of our soul that withholds nothing from anyone else, is ours for the asking.  He confirmed this with the words, "Father (Spirit), I know that you hear me always."  And in this realization at the depths of our soul we can know this is true for us too.

       Can we speak the word of gratitude with conviction not only for what has materialized in our experience of life, but also that which we accept as ours on the UnSeen realm of Life ... that which has not crystallized in material form?  As we take into our mind's eye the image of ourselves having, being and doing that which we desire to experience, are we feeling a sense of gratitude for it or are we still at that level of believing that it is not ours yet?  As we believe that what we pray for (ask) is ours now this deeper sense of gratitude will be felt in our heart, our mind and our soul simultaneously.  Some have even sensed the sound of an inner "click" when this is experienced.

Paramahansa Yogananda stated that "An artist doesn’t really create anything – he just rearranges what is already there" ... and this is what happens when we feel the deepest sense of gratitude.  We don't create anything, we magnetize the unseen good into our material experience.  It is through the medium of spiritual law ... what is referred to as the Law of Correspondence.  It is an immutable, changeless, universal Law.  As the mystical Ernest Holmes writes in the classic Science of Mind, "Think, see and feel activity.  Radiate Life.  Feel that there is that within which is the center and circumference of the Universe.  The Universe is the result of the Self-Contemplation of God.  Our lives are the result of our self-contemplations, and are peopled with the personifications of our thoughts and ideas."

           “You do not have to struggle to reach God, but you do have to struggle to tear away the self-created veil that hides him from you." - Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

       Nothing is ours unless we "claim" it.  We make our own reality by loosing from our mind any thought that diminishes our sense of gratitude ... a deep and abiding gratitude; first for the gifts of the Spirit, and then for the good that is ours ... both that which is seen and that which is UnSeen .. right now.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
Dr. Ernest Holmes

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