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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for November 26, 2006 

       "God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose ... and ... nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."  - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Philosopher - American Transcendental movement

         YOUR CALL TO ACTION ["Little Green Apples" page 204]
           > Rid yourself of false beliefs that life is meant to be difficult and that you must endure some suffering in order to really appreciate any blessings you expect to receive.  Instead, go forth and claim your good.  Take the scriptures literally when they quote God as saying, "Command thou me!"  Tell God exactly what you want and go out and get it.  Your good awaits you but will come to you only when you realize and believe that inside you is an infinitely loving God who is so very thoughtful that It has arranged for you to order the good into your life.
          > Banish guilty thoughts or feelings of suspicion about your accumulating good, by being ceaselessly thankful for it.
           > Life cannot be limited, so don't even try.  If you do, life will only limit you back.  So, live life to the fullest - in full faith - and be fulfilled.
            > Count your blessings and watch them multiply.  Use this blessing exercise:  bless the "less" and "sing" your gratitude and life's praises for the more that comes to you.
             > Start each day with positive, pure, and productive thoughts.  Keep this up throughout the day, seeing yourself always as a ray of sunlight that simply beams and beams and beams - everywhere.
             > Break the habit of negative thinking.  Realize that you are the thinker who thinks the thoughts that shape your life.  Thoughts, like clay, are meant to be shaped.  So, make new "molds" for your thoughts.  And change the molds as often as you wish.  There is absolutely no limit to the size of your molds or the frequency with which you change them.  Let each mold serve your purposes - that is, to make positive and progressive growth - and let it be the "mode of transportation" that takes you to your next success.
           > Realize that you are constantly "writing, producing and directing" the story of your life.  Whatever "picture" life is playing back to you, you wrote the script for it.  If you don't like the picture, you need to write, produce, and direct a new script.  Change your life by changing your life-script.
           > Stay in touch, in tune, and united with the God-in-you.  Thus you are consciously and constantly unified with the answer to all your needs.  Live in the solution, not in the problem.
           > Be generous with your love as the Universe is generous with you.  Love, the most potent spiritual force, is a healer and a balm that takes away all pain.  Let God's pure and free love channel through you as the sunlight filters through the clouds.  Make your rainbow seen everywhere.
           > Have high goals.  Stretch forth and reach toward them as though you were plucking the highest and sweetest fruit from the tree.  Low goals require no real energy and simply do not take you very far.  Remember:  You go where your goals are.
            > Live from the highest mountains of your thought.  Do not descend into the valley of victim-hood.  Constantly upgrade your thinking and watch your life become upgraded.
            > Acknowledge that the good you seek already exists.  Then live in the constant expectation of receiving it.
             > Talk to the God-in-you constantly with your thoughts.  Make this a habit.  Don't wait until a special day, such as a regular day of worship, to do this.  God lives in you because It wants you to communicate with It.  So communicate, don't procrastinate.
 - Dr. O. C. Smith, "Little Green Apples, God Really Did Make Them"

        It seems incredible to me that it has been five years since Dr. O. C. Smith made his transition.  His enthusiasm for Religious Science and love for everyone made an indelible mark on the hearts of all those who knew him.  His voice had a natural healing quality to it ... a voice so unique that it would be impossible to think of anyone whose voice his resembled.  Although he had studied with some of the greatest of metaphysicians; Dr. Joseph Murphy and Dr. Frank Richelieu, nothing in his presentations appeared to imitate either of his teachers.  In referring to Dr. O. C. as his student, Dr. Frank Richelieu stated that his work was to make the "best, better" ... and if you knew Dr. O. C. then you understood how true this statement was.

Studying with Dr. O. C. was an experience of a lifetime and one of my greatest demonstrations.  Dr. O. C. accepted me into the City of Angels Church of Religious Science with open arms ... and an open mind.  He taught his classes in the same manner in which he presented his Sunday lessons ... with enthusiasm and love for all those in attendance.  His lessons were filled with simplicity ... yet, with profound understanding of the principles taught in the Science of Mind.  

      No one ever felt like Dr. O. C. took them for granted.  It was evident that he always saw in people more than even they themselves could see.  He was always focused on instilling in each person a greater sense of their One-ness with God, and with Love ... this was the Great-ness in him that touched each and every one of us.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Hank Bates

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