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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for November 28, 2010 

         This is not a lesson about Hanukkah; I will leave it to the Rabbanim to teach that.  This is a lesson on the Light of Truth that is found in the Hanukkah Blessings that can bless, prosper and heal everyone:
Lighting the Hanukkah Menorah (also called the Hanukkiah) is the essential observance of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. Hanukkah candles are lit to commemorate the miracle of the Maccabees' victory and the miracle of the oil that burnt for eight days in the Temple.
             The first two blessings below are recited each night. The third, a blessing of joy traditionally recited during each Jewish festival, is recited only the first time the Hanukkah menorah is lit.
Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who has sanctified us by His commandments, and has commanded us to kindle the lights of Hanukkah. 
Blessed are you, Lord our God, King of the universe, who wrought miracles for our fathers in days of old, at this season.
Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who has kept us alive, and has preserved us, and enabled us to reach this time. - from Judaism.about.com

     Hanukkah, also known as the "Festival of Lights" brings us into another dimension of the Omnipresence of G-d.  In the Hanukkah blessings above we can recognize that light transforms the darkness and gives us reason to have faith that we are sustained and enabled to do the things that are ours to do.  The miracles performed by G-d that are passed on in the Torah and the Bible give us insight into a greater Truth, that G-d does work through the consciousness of people in both simple and extraordinary ways.  

     Knowing that G-d is infinite Intelligence, we realize that our faith must be grounded in intelligence.  Blind faith may bring forth seeming miracles in our lives, but it is "knowing the truth" that sets us free, and this "knowing" is compelled by an intelligent response to Intelligence.  It is Intelligence that causes the "light to shine" on our seeming problems and brings forth solutions to our awareness or conscious mind.  Lighting candles does not provide solutions or creative inspiration, but they can remind us that as we open our mind to the Creative Mind, G-d, we will receive the inspiration and ideas that we need.

     Christian D. Larson in his book, "The Pathway of Roses" wrote:  "The soul never acts alone; whenever the soul acts, God acts also, in the same place, at the same time, and for the same purpose.  Whenever the soul undertakes anything, there is immediate and direct assistance from the Supreme.  Therefore, the soul can never fail; nor can any personal undertaking fail that is prompted, directed and inspired by the soul.  My Father worketh and I work; and I am the soul.  So long as I know and feel that I am the soul, the soul will act in all my work, and where the soul acts there God will act also, because the two are One.  What the soul begins, God will finish; the soul aspires to be, God will cause it to be."

     In these words of Christian D. Larson we understand that soul is what we call "consciousness" ...  our having the consciousness of the thing, means the thing is not only possible, but available to us.  Because the two are One ... we know that when we feel we have failed to achieve our good result, it is because we have not "let" the Father, Intelligence/Spirit, do Its Perfect work.  In other words, we have not let the Light shine through our idea, our goal, or our efforts, and our efforts alone will never give us the success or accomplishment that we seek.  If we truly believe that G-d Is Omnipresent, then we must intelligently conclude that everything that comes to us is for our good; perhaps preparing us for something in our future that we are not even aware of yet.  Or, perhaps to remind us that G-d is Supreme and as the Master Mind Jesus stated, "I, of mine own self, can do nothing."

     Most of us will notice that the words, "Lord our God, King of the universe" is declared in all three of the Blessings of Hanukkah.  We must always remind ourselves that G-d is "First Cause" ... or as the Master Mind Jesus stated, "It is the Father that doeth the work" ... our human efforts alone will always fall short of fulfilling our desires.  Affirming the Supremacy of G-d; Mind, Intelligence, Spirit and Truth, opens our experiences to the action of G-d.  We can make the intelligent conclusion that this is what the Maccabees did ... and their affirmations gave them the good results they needed.  

We all can join in on this 8-Day Affirmation of affirming the Supremacy of G-d, of Spirit, Mind, Omniscience ... as Isaiah declared the ultimate revelation from on High; "I, even I, am Jehovah; and besides me there is no saviour." ... as we take this Truth deep within our soul (consciousness) ... in the Light of Hanukkah ... we shall find that G-d will act and cause it to be ... whatever our heart's desires may be.  Let us realize fully and completely in our mind ... that is, let us be convinced ... that as our soul is One with G-d ... we are One with G-d in everyone ... so whether we are Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, or Spiritual ... let us light a candle for eight days in recognition of the One, the Supreme, Infinite Spirit ... and "let our Light so shine" during this wonderful "Festival of Lights."


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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