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Weekly Message for Sunday, November 30, 2003 (Thanksgiving 2003)

                        Gratitude . . . or the sense of being thankful comes from a generous heart.  Whether we are giving or receiving a sense of gratitude will keep us in alignment with Infinite Goodness.  When we give with a sense of gratefulness toward God for having something to give ... we will have more to give.  And when we receive with a sincere since of gratitude toward the giver and toward God ... we will receive even more still.  Gratitude is an attracting energy like faith ... it automatically attracts more of what it is grateful for.

        A true sense of gratitude is not perfunctory.  There are people who automatically send out thank you cards or thank people but have no true sense of appreciation.  We lose our sense of gratitude by declaring that we are thankful or grateful when we are not ... when we truly don't feel grateful ... the Infinite cannot be mocked ... and the Infinite is always the Giver no matter who may be the person giving the gift.  This is also true when we are the person giving the gift ... our lack of gratitude for being able to give will diminish our appreciation for life.

      The feelings that block us from a true sense of gratitude have to do with our self-esteem ... ingratitude is the opposite of deserving.  If we don't feel deserving of receiving it is difficult if not impossible to foster the sense of gratitude.  People who feel un-deserving will often look for a motive as to why they are receiving ... often thinking that the giver wants something in return.  But the person giving with a true sense of gratitude gives the person receiving an opportunity to feel deserving ... when they do not ... the giver is not diminished but the real gift ... the gift of deserving ... is not received.  This is what the Master Mind Jesus was referring to when He stated, "do not cast your pearls before swine."  There are those who have created such a strong separation between them and Good (God) that they cannot realize any real sense of gratitude ... they are immediately suspicious of people who give to them.

      There is only One Giver and that Is God ... but God gives through many channels ... no matter who we may be receiving from ... that which we are receiving is from God.  And we would have nothing to give unless God gave to us first.  We are always only giving that which God has given us to give ... and we are always only receiving that which God wants us to receive.  Both the giver and receiver reside in our very own consciousness.  It is a consciousness that has a healthy sense of gratitude established that gives and receives with the same appreciation and joy.

     As we foster and nurture a sense of gratitude we will find that we have much to give and we have much to receive.  This sense of gratitude will create greater joy in our experiences ... and greater prosperity.  We will find that this sense of gratitude will diminish struggle in our experiences ... diminish lack and limitation as well ... and we will truly understand and demonstrate ... that for which I am grateful ... I can never be denied.
 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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