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Weekly Message for Sunday, December 1, 2002

              It has only been a year and a few days since Dr. O. C. made His transition into the Great Un-Seen but it seems so very much longer.  He was BIGGER THAN LIFE it seemed to me and His transition left a big void in the lives of many people.

He inspired me, motivated me and encouraged me more than I ever expected.  He lived the principles of the Science of Mind and He and I both shared a great love and respect for Jesus and the teaching of Religious Science.  When I told him I planned to teach Religious Science as the "Religion of Jesus," he understood my reasons completely.  Dr. O. C. taught us to stand in the Truth, to live the Truth and to refrain from attempting to put a veil over the Truth ... no matter who may disagree with us.  From Him I understood the Power of Truth and the responsibility of being in the ministry.

            His greatest lesson for those studying for the ministry was to always see everyone greater than they saw themselves and to love them more than they loved themselves.  In scripture we can read that we are "called" to go forth and heal, prosper and bless and Dr. O. C. understood this "calling" completely and accepted the responsibility wholeheartedly.

         The anniversary of His transition reminds me of our grateful I am that I was guided and directed to him.  "When the student is ready the teacher will appear."  And, I was not looking for just any teacher, I wanted the very best ... I wanted a teacher who "walked their talk" .... someone who "lived the Science of Mind" .. someone who embodies the principles ... rather than someone who just  quoted from it.  The Master Mind Jesus stated, "you will know my faith by my works," and this statement applies to Dr. O. C. Smith ... he was a Master Metaphysician and His works justify the statement.   He and His wife, Robbie, Co-founded the City of Angels Church of Religious Science, a 5,000 member church that is as awe-inspiring as the Crystal Cathedral.  It is a demonstration of great faith and vision.

          Dr. O. C. was a "people person."  He loved people and could talk with people on many different levels.  He was completely genuine ... with absolutely no falsity or pretentiousness.  His understanding of the principles of metaphysics was un-matched, yet He had great patience with His fellow ministers of Religious Science who often spoke from theory rather than demonstration.  I will always remember and never forget when He instructed us to "give up the bull sxxx, and pardon me for the bull."  This was a man with the same passion as the Jesus who kicked the money-changers out of the temple.  He stated, "the ministry is serious business .... it affects the lives of people."

 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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