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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for December 3, 2017


           In the ancient wisdom we can read, "with all thy getting, get understanding."  Dr. O. C. Smith often used this statement as it is the foundation for finding peace in life.  What separates us from each other and from G-d, is a lack of love and understanding.  What keeps us from solving our issues with life is a lack of love and understanding.  Whatever negative thoughts we have had about ourselves it is best we forget them and focus on the good that we want and that which we choose to be, now and in the future.

             We must learn to displace the words "challenge and struggle" from our vocabulary.  These words are just another shackle in our mind that holds us earthbound and in the problem we are trying to move through.  "We cannot solve a problem at the level of the problem."  Emerson wrote, "the creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn."  The same is true of words.  The words challenge and struggle are depressing and rife with limitation. We can intelligently displace these with the word opportunity.  The word opportunity is filled with the stuff that the acorn contains.  When we use the word opportunity we are opening our mind to possibilities and transcending the problem.  As we recognize an "opportunity" we realize that everything is exactly the way it should be.  We can accept that what is happening is perfect right action and then we are not tempted to resist it, whether it be a situation, a person or a condition.  What we resist, persists.  This is the truth and resistance is just another way that fear deceives us into staying in the problem even when our gut is wrenching for us to experience a greater expression of who we are and what we are about.  Challenges and problems are created by single-minded thinking.  When we choose mentally to look at either in a different way or from a different perspective, our solutions begin to take form in our subjective mind.

             Challenge thinking not only keeps us in the problem and creates a delay in healing or transcending the problem but most often this consciousness will find its way to finding blame, either blaming ourselves, blaming others or the world.  Once we give power to anything or anyone outside of ourselves, then we become powerless to create something else.  Now in truth, we (the human) can be challenged, but the "I" within us, the Divine Essence that we truly are, is never challenged, and always knows who It is and what It is about.  We are in Truth, Divine Humans.  As we feel fear or powerless in our human-ness we can rely on the Divinity within us to give us strength and inspiration to face the opportunity head-on, and master the situation, the condition or whatever it is that is blocking our very Good.

            It is best we forget the ways in which the world teaches us to solve our issues.  It is best because the world, to a large degree, has forgotten that this Christ (G-d Intelligence, Power, Spirit) within us can work through us to do all things to bring us into the experience of loving this Thing Called Life.

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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