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Weekly Message for Sunday, December 14, 2003         

                        It's that time of year again to think about presents ... for many of us Christmas is a time of giving and receiving gifts.  And for those with a background in Judaism, gift giving for Hanukkah is also traditional.  This is a marvelous time of giving and celebration for most of us.  And most of us will receive any number of wonderful gifts this year ... wrapped nicely in tinsel and pretty paper ... gifts from family and loved ones ... all given in a spirit of love and sharing.

       But ... most of us will not get what we want for Christmas ... because most of us have not figured out yet what we want ... or for some of us, we have given up on getting what we want and have settled for less ... sometimes far less than what we want.  However, the only obstruction to getting what we want in life ... is in our own mind ... in our thinking and beliefs.  The mind that can imagine something better or greater is the same mind that can think of a zillion reasons for why we cannot have it or attain it.  Many of us will pray for what we want ... and at the same time negate our prayers with our excuses ... our blame ... and our resentments ... all of which are very subtle but active forces in our sub-conscious mind ... so subtle that most of us who seek self-reliance are all too often so caught up in self-pity that we don't make the metaphysical leap to self-reliance.  Instead we continue to depend on the physical for what we think we want ... become complacent ... oftentimes depressed ... and down-size our dreams dramatically to conform with the consciousness of excuse-isms.

I am not trying to rain on anyone's parade ... but ... Religious Science is about solutions ... as was the work of Jesus and Isaiah ... we are to look to our "mind" ... get still ... and know that the Good that we seek ... is ours ... once we eliminate the blocks that we have created.  To get what we want takes work ... we must make an effort to discipline our thoughts ... discard the false beliefs that block our demonstrations of Good ... we must be persistent and consistently work for a greater expansion of consciousness.  As Dr. O. C. Smith often stated, "we must put our consciousness on surveillance."  

Now this doesn't mean that we are not to be grateful for all the wonderful gifts we receive during the holidays ... but we must "re-a-lize" that all that we receive and all that we do not ... is coming through our very own consciousness.  Nobody gives to us and nobody takes anything away from us ... but us!  This is the Truth ... the Truth that can set us free to choose  ... to create ... to expand and explore new ideas and concepts about Life.  Our willingness to receive brings Good to us ... our willingness to dabble with self-pity and thoughts of inferiority .... denies Good ... and in Truth ... denies God.

      1) To get what we want our mind must be open to receive ... free of all negativity as negativity negates Good.  The mind that is filled with doubt, fear, resentment, disturbing, morbid thinking ... cannot be open to receiving the Good that comes to us freely as we are receptive to It. 
      2)  We must be honest with ourselves and state what we want ... not what we think we can have based on past experiences or other people's ideas ... but what we truly want.
      3) We must be willing to "BE OPEN" to how it will appear ... in other words we must be open to the Universe/God interpreting our desires in the most desirable way ... rather than stubbornly rely on our limited human mind.
      4) We must remain faithful to God and not look to anyone or anything but the Good to make the demonstration ... in other words, we must not struggle or fight for what we want ... nor take the seemingly but deceivingly shortcuts ... we must remain in integrity with the Infinite Principle.
      5)  And when we receive it ... which is at the point of full and complete acceptance ... we must never forget to be grateful to the Giver ... God.

One of the greatest gifts we can receive for Christmas or for any time ... is the gift of spiritual understanding ... the understanding of the nature of God and the Universe.  This is why the wise Solomon asked for understanding ... "with all thy getting .. get understanding" the great mystics tell us.  As we understand this cause and effect ... sowing and reaping Universe that we live in ... and we understand that in order to get more Good ... we must remain faithful to the Good ... Life presents us with gifts ... gifts that we want ... and not just at Christmas.
 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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