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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, December 15, 2013 

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           Within a week and a half it is estimated that 1.5 billion people will be celebrating Christmas around the world.  Even those who do not follow the religions about Jesus; Christianity and Catholicism, are affected by this annual celebration and all the things that are a part of it.  Yet, there are so few people in comparison to those who celebrate Christmas that desire to know more about Jesus than what the traditional religions teach.  There are those who believe there is a "war on Christmas" thanks to the television-personalities on the FOX network.  This type of nonsense does nothing to forward a greater understanding of the life and teachings of the Master Mind Jesus and I don't think anyone at FOX seems to care much about it.  It is all about creating ratings and attention; i.e. someone on FOX stated that Jesus was "white" and that Santa was white ... that's right, she said white, and it was said on FOX.  I guess the "war on Christmas" had lulled and FOX needed to stir things up again.

         Those who have knowledge of the universal principles that the Master Mind Jesus taught know that religion has no exclusive on his teachings or him, for that matter, and it takes little research about his life and philosophy to realize that he did not follow religious dogma.  In his statement that you "can't put new wine into old wine skins" he kind of nailed the traditions of religion and the world as something that was no longer serving humanity's spiritual quest for a greater understanding of our relationship to G-d and the part of G-d within each of us ... that is, the Christ within us.  He spoke what he accepted as the Truth with vitality and absolute conviction and let his faith demonstrate itself for all to see.

     I read with great interest the book, "Zealot" by Reza Aslan because I wanted to know more about the historical Jesus and also about the culture of the era in which he revealed his philosophy to the world.  Although I think Aslan's book is lacking in describing the spirit in which Jesus lived, I did find that what he wrote about Jesus' healing work left no doubt that no one could refute that those who had declared themselves to be healed through Jesus' work, were indeed healed.  No one could explain it then or refute it.  And no one can fully explain it now or intelligently refute his works now.  And this is what has made the Master Mind Jesus unequaled in his realization of One-ness with the Power, Presence and Intelligence of G-d.  Others, including myself, can speak of his philosophy, but he was no simple philosopher.  His faith was made evident by his works more so than anyone before him or anyone who has come after him.

     I believe that the great Eric Butterworth who was a Unity teacher, minister and author, discovered a greater measure of the truth that Jesus was attempting to reveal to all of us.  But before we can benefit from this discovery, we must be willing to be open to a more intelligent and meaningful idea of Jesus than what traditional religion or the world has given us.  Jesus looked to G-d as Intelligence and so we must view Jesus' life and teachings from this perspective ... Intelligence, Omnipotence and Omnipresence.  I believe the following words, and some of this I have presented before, from Eric Butterworth directs us to this more intelligent understanding:  
"As we remember Jesus Christ, we acknowledge that we can do what he did...and greater. So, Jesus actually can become the saving influence in our lives. This is not holding to the man Jesus—it is realizing that unity with the Infinite, revealed and demonstrated by him in his life work. Remember, what God has done, God can do; and what Jesus accomplished, we can accomplish, if we believe on him and the great demonstration he made of the Christ that was in him, which is likewise in each of us. Follow all this with a personal “decision for Christ”—which is a term that is used, and I think misunderstood—a decision for the Divine Level of ourselves, not Jesus, but the God-Self within us, a decision to live on the basis of that realization.
         So, refer to Jesus as you will, but be careful never to miss what he came to reveal: The Christ in you is the principle of your own Divine Son-ship, your personal unitive relationship between God and man.
" [Eric Butterworth, A New Look at Jesus]

        Eric Butterworth to me, has stated the true essence of what the Master Mind Jesus was "called to do" ... reveal the Living Spirit, the Christ.  And he did something that no one else before him had done and that was to declare that "I am the Light of the world ... and you too are the Light of the world" and he gave us all the instruction to prove his words as the Truth.  As we read in the ancient scriptures, Proverbs 20:27, "the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord" and in this we know that this profound Truth had already been revealed but the Master Mind Jesus took it to a higher ideal recognizing that the "I Am" is the Christ within us.

         Eric Butterworth explains this so very well: 
"Yes it is true: We must make the decision for the Christ in ourselves, to follow the guidance of the Divine Light within us and make the discovery of the unity in ourselves that Jesus found in himself. Obviously this means that we must recognize the difference between “Jesus” and “Christ.” Jesus was the man who discovered that Divine Level of God in man, which is “the Christ;” and the Christ is that God Level, which is inherent in every person. Remember, Paul said, “Christ in you, your hope of glory.” The Christ of you is the God-Self of you. We must discover it in ourselves, even as Jesus discovered it in himself. In other words, I believe that we should see Jesus as the great discoverer of the Innate Divinity of man, the supreme revealer of the Truth about man, who was a pioneer and a way-shower in the quest for self-realization, and to follow him in this consciousness. I think we want to see him turning to his fellow beings, such as you and me, and saying: “Come and stand as I stand, and view the Infinite Reality of things from the perspective that I have achieved, and see yourself in the light of this God-Self, this Christ-Self of you, as I have seen myself in this light. Believe on me and the actual demonstration of the Divinity of man that I have made. And realize what this actually means: that you have this same potential within you. What I have done, you can do. So, join me, come here, stand with me, think with me, pray with me, analyze the technique that I have found to be effective. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me. And when you have mastered yourself, as I have mastered myself, then you will do as I have done, and even greater things than these will you do.” This is paraphrasing it and putting it into the language that I believe was involved—which may be somewhat challenging to some, but think about it."

     It is in Jesus' "self realization" that he discovered that G-d incarnated within everyone more than just an "image and likeness" but has given us the power, the intelligence and the spirit, to take dominion and authority over our lives.  But, we must believe that this is true for us and believe in the Truth that the Master Mind Jesus revealed to the world ... believe that this "Light of G-d" within us, this "Christ", can eliminate the shadows created by doubt and fear and all things that separate us from the G-d created Good that is ours to experience.  We will know when we have discovered this within ourselves for we will have the self-realization that "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me" ... and we will.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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