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Weekly Message for Sunday, December 21, 2003         

                        As we move into the celebration of Christmas it is also time to celebrate the life of the Master Teacher.  Jesus dedicated His life to teaching us that we have a "direct connection" with God ... and this connection is through our mind and imagination.   Most of the people who celebrate Christmas continue to have little knowledge of the teachings of the Master Mind Jesus ... due in most part to the fact that "religion" continues to separate us from the Truth of His teachings relying instead on traditions and myths.  The reality is that Jesus taught "the Truth that sets us free," but the masses continue to remain in bondage to the "world" by looking to "agents of God" for their "opinions" rather than taking the time to study  and understand the teachings that Jesus gave us ... Jesus taught that we are to let go of traditions and symbols and instead nurture and foster great faith in God and God alone ... He taught that we are not to look to anyone for anything but God ... for our guidance ... for our supply ... and for our peace ... "it is the Father's Good pleasure to give us the kingdom," He stated.

From the teachings of Jesus we realize that All Is God and All Is Mind ... God "imaged" us into Being ... and in the same manner we create through our mind and imagination ... in other words, we "image in the likeness of God."  This is the Great Secret that Jesus taught ... that we do have dominion and authority over the things that concern us ... as we take dominion over our mind and think towards the Good or God.  The Christ in Jesus, referred to in the Science of Mind as the "Indwelling Presence of God," works through our thoughts and ability to image or imagine.  As we "give power to our imagination" through persistence, we can change our circumstances ... we can move from our "human-ness" to the power that is our "divine inheritance."

       As we look at the teachings of Jesus, "it is the Father's Good pleasure to give you the kingdom," and "the kingdom of heaven is within you" ... we can cultivate a conviction of faith that whatever Good we can imagine for ourselves ... the way will open up for us to experience it ... but we must cultivate faith in our ability to do so by connecting with the Christ or the Indwelling Presence within us and open our mind to infinite possibilities.  This is why the Master Mind Jesus taught us to go directly to God ... "enter into the closet of our mind and in this secret place we can commune with God."

        It is in this communion with God that we receive the ideas and inspiration that create the "kingdom of heaven within."  And as the Master Teacher stated, "these things I do and greater things still shall you do."

 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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