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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for December 25, 2016
           Hanukah began at sundown on Christmas Eve and so this year we have an even greater cause for celebration and a greater sense of One-ness with the Spirit of G-d and each other.  My gift to each of you is this beautiful meditation, slightly modified, provided by Clara M. Codd which I discovered in 1985:
        "O Gracious Lord, I enter Thy Radiance, and approach Thy Presence, bearing with me the service done in Thy Nature.  I seek to become more aware of Thy Nature in me, and I open my heart and my mind to the power of Thy Love and Thy Joy and Thy Peace.
          In Thy Presence Thy Love floods my being - Thy Love which is gentleness, kindness, helpfulness.  I must therefore be loving, kind and helpful to all others.
           In Thy Presence Thy Joy pervades me - Joy which is light, radiance, eternal youth.  I must therefore bear Thy Joy to those who are sad and depressed.
            In Thy Presence Thy Peace enfolds me, and fills me with contentment, certainty, rest, stillness.  Thy Peace which passeth all understanding.  I must therefore be a centre of love, joy and peace in the world.
             I place my soul in Thine with all love and trust and confidence, for Thou art indeed my Lord.  From the unreal lead me to the Real; from darkness lead me to the Light; from death to Life Eternal.  In my awareness I realize I am in the Light of Thy Holy Presence, I strive to realize what I am.  I am not this body which belongs to the world of shadows; I am not the desires which affect it; I am not the thoughts which fill my mind; I am not the mind itself.  I AM The DIVINE FLAME within my heart, eternal, immortal, ancient, without beginning, without end; more radiant than the sun in all its noon-day glory, purer than the snow, untouched, unsullied by the hand of matter, more subtle than the ether is the Spirit within my heart.
             I and the Spirit of G-d are One.  I worship Thee, I adore Thee, Thou my life, my breath, my being, my all.  I am in Thee and Thou art in me.  Lead me, O Gracious Lord, through Thy illimitable Love, to union with Thee and the Heart of Eternal Love.
              In Thy Love I rest for evermore. - amen and amen"

During this Festival of Lights (Hanukah) candles will be lit to remember the courage of those whose only defense was their faith in the Almighty Love of G-d.  May each candle bring a blessing to you.

         For those who celebrate Jesus as the reason for the season, light a candle for Him in gratitude for His courage and strength of faith to stand up to the oppressive powers of the world; both religious and secular and to declare a New Commandment to "love one another."

         And for those who recognize that the Christ Spirit; the realization of the Nature of G-d within mankind, light the candle within you to inspire all those you come into contact with that there is hope, and joy and peace to be more greatly reflected in the world in which we live.

         Happy Hanukah - Merry Christmas to All!

And so it is!
Rev. Henry Bates

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