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Weekly Message for Sunday, December 28, 2003         


  • Are you ready for more in 2004?

  • Do you desire to take charge of your own experiences?

  • Do you want positive changes in your health, relationships and prosperity?

  • Would you like a new and exciting perspective through which to see your life?

         The relevancy of the questions above can be found as we begin the study of the Science of Mind, the philosophy taught in Religious Science.  This philosophy is not new ... nor is it identifiable to any certain group as this philosophy has been adapted in many of the traditional churches today ... but they don't identify it as metaphysics or Religious Science.  I have personally listened to ministers from some of the largest churches in the country; Bishop T. D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Pastor Joel Osteen and Dr. Robert Schuller, and they are teaching metaphysics and the principles taught in Religious Science ... now of course they don't label it as such ... but it is metaphysics nonetheless as was the teachings of Jesus.  Joel Osteen uses titles for his talks such as, "the Battle of the Mind," "Imagination," "Enlarge your Vision," "Living a life of Excellence," and "Don't Limit God."  Bishop T. D. Jakes has published a book titled, "Maximize the Moment."  One of my favorite Dr. Schuller statements is, “if you can dream it – you can do it! Build your dreams – and your dreams will build YOU!”  These are titles once used only by metaphysical teachers such as Dr. Ernest Holmes, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Dr. Raymond Charles Barker and Charles Fillmore, the great teachers of metaphysics who taught metaphysics in the 20s, 30s and 40s.

      In the past traditional churches have taught that we are to beg and plead with God, that by being born in sin ... our nature is corrupt ... sinners that must work their way back to God ... rather than teach from the understanding that God created us Good and Very Good ... and wants us to have and be all that is Good.  Of course, the traditional ministers above have not completely moved from the "Old Time Religion" ... this would be too much of a leap of faith for most of their congregations ... but they are making great progress in returning to the simple Truth that Jesus taught ... the Truth that is the guiding principles found in the Science of Mind.

      So the question is ... are you ready for the Science of Mind ... the book authored by Dr. Ernest Holmes that teaches 100% metaphysics ... without turning back to the "Old Time Religion" that didn't work before and won't work in the future?  Each week in January I will cover the first four introductory chapters of the Science of Mind in these messages ... these chapters are the "heart and soul" of Religious Science ... without pulling any punches or talking down to anyone ... they are the real thing ... about the "Thing Itself" ... this thing called Life ... these lessons can show each of us how to create a Life that worth Living ... create within each of us enthusiasm for Life ... Love and Joy!  I invite you to learn how to accept more in 2004!

 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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