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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for December 28,  2014

          Now that the world has celebrated the life of the Master Mind Jesus, the revelation of the Christ within him and within everyone he tells us, let us look at the wisdom that he gave us that has survived through the ages.  Jesus' "Lord's Prayer" which most wise people believe is the "key to life" as we gain more than a literal understanding of it and the "Sermon on the Mount" which, I believe, is a compilation of his teachings that were summed up by the author of Matthew in the Gospels as a talk or sermon.  Although the words have been changed and additions have been made to the "Sermon on the Mount" it is still filled with a profound truth and a way in which we can all receive value from understanding just what Jesus' message was meant to tell us.  Let's keep in mind as we go through this part of this message that Jesus formed his talks and statements of Truth from a Jewish form of delivery that was prevalent during his time.  Eric Butterworth, the great Unity teacher/minister/author has been the most clear in understanding the spiritual significance of Jesus' message.

  "Discover The Power Within You" is the title of one of the most important books authored by Eric Butterworth.  Chapter 6 focuses on the Beatitudes of Jesus, found in his "Sermon on the Mount," (Matt. 557). Rev. Eric Butterworth sides with Dr. George Lamsa, who said he thought Jesus scripted this particular talk - a script which fell into the hands of whoever wrote Matthew's Gospel. Some New Testament scholars sense that the "Sermon on the Mount" is actually a compilation of several talks delivered by Jesus over the course of his three-year ministry. In any case, the sermon is "introduced by an eight-verse prose poem that .. .is a general summation of the whole religion of Jesus .... Jesus speaks not of conforming but of transforming .... The old order taught men what to do, but Jesus showed them "what to be" (p. 57-58)." Hence, the BE attitudes.
           As with so much else regarding propaganda about Jesus, these eight teachings of Jesus have been largely misrepresented. Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven is not about sad people. "The root word that is translated 'spirit' is more accurately and meaningfully translated 'pride' - 'poor in pride.' Jesus says 'theirs is the kingdom of heaven.' But keep in mind that 'heaven,' as Jesus uses the term, is not a place in the sky or a reward for after life. The word 'heaven' comes from a Greek root that means 'expanding.' Thus Jesus is talking about the expanding potential within the individual - within you .... Blessed are they who are teachable, open minded, receptive to the Truth, willing to renounce preconceived opinions and prejudices and entertain a new concept of life. (p. 58-59)."
           Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted does not mean that those who experience tragedy will be given up-lift-ment. A better way to understand it would be to say "I am grateful for challenges that lead me beyond my extremity to God's opportunity (p. 61)."  Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth is not about us behaving meekly with others. Jesus "is referring to an attitude toward God .... The best conductor of electricity is the substance that is least resistant to the flow of the electric current. Likewise, the best conductor of divine power is the person who is nonresistant to the flow of divine power (p. 62-63)."  In other words, we can also see the word "meek" as synonymous with "teachable."
         Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness:  for they shall be filled is talking about those who desire right thinking. "Jesus deals with attitudes and not platitudes (p. 64)." You must want right thinking "to the exclusion of all else (p. 64)."  Blessed are the merciful:  for they shall obtain mercy means that "if you want to be loved you must love .... Life is lived from within out. You may not always be able to change the world about you, but you can change your thoughts about the world; and when you do this, you change your world, which is a world of your thought (p. 65)."
         Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God alludes to the fact that when "you see God everywhere, you see good everywhere. However, you are seeing things, not as they are, but as you are (p. 68)."  Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called sons of God sounds sexist but means you are a child of God, "a spiritual being with the potential for peace and harmony (p. 69)."
           Bible scholars know that the eighth beatitude (a lengthy one!) was not said by Jesus. It talks about being persecuted, which is "inconsistent with Jesus' BE attitudes up to this point (p. 70)." Jesus was not advocating martyrdom. If there be any persecution, then "the persecution takes place within our mind, and the persecutor is an errant thought of our own mind (p. 70)."

          The Reverend Eric Butterworth's teachings were rich with a deep, intelligent understanding of the eternal, universal, changeless spiritual principles found in the Holy Bible especially those taught and demonstrated by the Master Mind Jesus.  Nothing is more important than what we are "being" at any given moment and what we are being is always determined by our attitude towards Life/G-d and to those people and things present in our experience of life.  As Butterworth points out, "You must want right thinking to the exclusion of all else."

          Horatio Dresser writes in his classic "The Greatest Truth" that "The man who prays "without ceasing" is the man who ever carries about with him the realisation that "my Father worketh hitherto and I work."  Thus prayer is part of the creative life of God.  It reveals the divine grace, and the divine grace is no respecter of persons."  And in this we can realize that each of us can "be" just what we absolutely believe we can be.  It is within us to experience that which desires are guiding us to be, to do and to have.  Our desires are the indwelling creative action of God which we can dismiss or choose to experience.  

           Dresser writes, "To turn from the thought of the process to the thought of its goal is to draw the attention, with its accompanying power, away from the nervous wear and tear of life, and refresh one's soul.  Ideals have power, and not alone because they elevate the thought, but because our conduct is affected by them.  ... (modified) the most practical way is to put ourselves into an attitude of receptivity to higher power, and to adjust ourselves to the regenerative influences of that quickening life." ... "We are immortal spirits now.  We live in the eternal spiritual world.  There is nothing to separate us from the power and love and wisdom of God.  God is here.  Guidance is for each and all.  Our part is to:  "be" receptive - "be" ready - "be" alert - "be" expectant.  Everything tends toward this high spiritual end.  It is for us to awaken and move with the current of things."

           The "be-attitude" is within us ... we must just "choose" to "let it be" ... to entertain a new idea about who we are to "be" and how this translates into our life experiences.  We can get in touch with this by stirring up the spirit within us ... or as the wonderful Dr. Henrietta Smith would say ... "you will see it, when you "be" it!"


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
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