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Sunday, December 30, 2001

"Universal principles are never respecters of persons; the Universe has no favorites."
Chapter 1 "The Thing Itself" - Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

                   Happy New Beginnings!  The New Year brings with it the promise of infinite possibilities.  As we celebrate the New Year, let's allow this feeling of celebration to stay with us.  Let's look forward to celebrating greater success, greater prosperity, health, happiness and love.  Whatever we did in the Year 2001 - it is done!  We did it, it's over, so let's move onward and upward in our minds and thoughts into that higher realm of infinite possibilities knowing that nothing is impossible for God, and therefore the God within us.

               Let's clear out any and all things that we have been holding onto in our mind and Open Our Mind To Our Magnificence!  Let's behold Infinity rather than limitation.  Let's know together that whatever it is that we desire to do, that desire reaches its fulfillment in 2002.  Let's not be deceived into believing that this is just another year, another repeat of the same old stuff.  Let's know this is the year that we realize our Great Success, our Great Financial Freedom, our Physical Fitness, and this year, we accept our Great Romance, even if we've been married 30 years (we can fall in love all over again).  Now is the appointed time, this is the Year Of Our Most Marvelous Good Fortune.  This is the year we have looked forward to - the time has come - we must exercise our Divine Right to a Life filled with Joy!

              But....... you may say, I am still dealing with chronic health issues, debt, a terrible job and a bad relationship or no relationship........ don't say that.  That is what has got us where we are.  We take ownership of the "stuff" -  we hang on to it rather than let it go.  We get into blame and shame and self-doubt and make ourselves so miserable that misery becomes our theme song.  We must stop declaring misery as the truth about us and start declaring that we are living in the expectancy of greatness!  We must Forgive, the Evidence, that Appears, to be Real.  But all we really have to forgive is that we believed a lie instead of the Truth.  We have believed that we can be poor, sick, lonely and frustrated with life.  And since we have believed it, we got exactly what we believed life can give us.  But, as we behold Infinity, we can see beyond what our eyes can see, and we can behold the Infinite Possibility of Great-ness!  God has created everything Good and Very Good, we can imagine for us and we can begin to accept it and we can begin to know that we can have it.  After all, we have accepted what we have, no matter how unhappy we may be with it.  So, let's accept something better by forgiving (giving up) our feelings about what we have experienced, and develop enthusiasm and excitement for something far better, something Great and Wonderful.

             The Master Mind Jesus gave us the Truth that can set us Free, "It Is Done Unto You As You Believe."  Ernest Holmes in Chapter 1, "The Thing Itself" in the Science of Mind, assures us of this Truth: "Universal principles are never respecters of persons; the Universe has no favorites."  As we put Life, Truth, Love into our Law Of Mind, creating a firmly held belief, It has no choice but to manifest these in our Life.  We must develop a sense of Good and we must look beyond what we see with our human eyes, and see a world filled with Beauty and Joy.  As we see Beauty and Joy with conviction and a steadfast faith, we will experience that which we see.  Life Is All Around Us.  Love Is All Around Us.  Truth Is All Around Us.  God Is Life - God Is Truth - God Is Love - let's let God's Perfect Embrace of Love, set us free to enjoy, to experience - EVERY THING NEW IN 2002!

"Only those who risk going too far, can possibly find out how
far one can go."
- T.S. Eliot

 And So It Is! 

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates