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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for December 30, 2007 

              "The future belongs always to the believers, who are for something, never to those who are only against something. " - Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Now is the time to reflect on our lives and to make some new choices for the New Year.  Let's not focus so much on what we don't want or what we want to give up in 2008; perhaps an addiction or to lose those few extra pounds ... let's instead focus on what we want to accomplish; greater health, greater self-esteem, greater success in our work, greater happiness.  As we focus on the things of the spirit that we want to experience more of, all the rest will go away in the right time.  "When that which is perfect comes, that which is imperfect comes to an end."

     Our use of the Law of Attraction to bring us the experiences that we desire begin with our making a "definite choice" as to what we want to experience.  As God is Mind, our definite choosing is accomplished in mind.  There is no power outside of Mind.  It is important that we make the choices that are right for us, individually.  Making choices that meet others expectations, or to impress other people, rarely give us much happiness.  We must open our mind and choose that which has the greatest appeal to us, personally.  This "appeal" combined with "believing" ... makes the Law of Attraction dynamic.

     There are two important elements to demonstrating our New Year's resolutions (choices):

     1)    Don't Ask ... anyone what you are to do or what they think of what you want to do ... don't seek the opinion of others ... but, seek within your own mind whether the ideas that come to your awareness are appealing to you.  "Ask within" ... and then contemplate the ideas that come to you.  Some of these ideas we may dismiss and the right ideas for us may not come to us right away ... but, the right ideas will come to our awareness as we are persistent in our asking.  And when we find the idea that is appealing to us, we must ask ourselves if we "believe" that we can accomplish this, or have it ... whatever the case may be ... but, without our ability to "believe" that we can have it ... it is not our right idea.  When the right ideas come to us, we will feel the strength of the right-ness of them.  We will know that these are the things that we must do, or have, or be ... for they will spark a desire within us that "knows" that these ideas are ours ... that God is calling us to them.  We will have great enthusiasm for these things as we know "that which I am seeking is seeking me."  We are not limited to any certain number of things to demonstrate in the New Year ... we can do or have, as much as we desire.  But, to begin, I suggest that we write down the "top 10" things that we want to experience in 2008.  Let's call these our 10 Commandments of Consciousness ... in other words, let's command our consciousness to demonstrate these things using the Law of Mind along with our knowledge of the Law of Attraction.  As we foster and nurture these ideas in our mind and get a vision of "being in the demonstration" ... we can rest assured that this will be our experience.  Remember, all these things come from "within our own consciousness" ... they are not the urgings or suggestions of others.

     2)    Don't Tell ... along with this great enthusiasm, will come a desire to tell others about our new ideas for our life.  Don't do it.  There is power in secrecy ... Jesus stated, "go and tell no man ... " ... and every legitimate metaphysician has taught that we are to "keep the things of God between us and God."  Our friends and loved ones will see our demonstrations soon enough.  Knowing that All Is Mind, it is important that we do not put our ideas out into the world until they are ready for the world to see.  Always keep in mind that when we are working with the Law of Mind and the Law of Attraction, we are working with "Subjective Mind" ... we are working, in mind, on the Un-Seen Side of Life; the Spiritual.  And no one knows exactly how our demonstrations will appear, for oftentimes our results are greater than we first envisioned.

     From Dr. Joseph Murphy:  "You must appreciate the fact that your desire, idea, dream, new play, book, script, trip, enterprise, or adventure are all real in your mind, though invisible.  To know that your idea is real, that it has form, shape, and substance on the mental plane, and that it is as real as your hand on the objective plane, gives you scientific faith and enables you to walk over the waters of confusion, strife, and fear to a place of conviction deep in your subconscious mind.  Whatever is conveyed to your subconscious is projected on the screen of space.  The is the way your ideas are objectified."

As Dr. Norman Vincent Peale tells us above, "the future belongs to believers" ... and I am knowing that you are a believer, otherwise, you would not be reading this message.  And since you are a believer, I know that you can believe in something greater for yourself and for the world that you live in.  And I know that "belief" is God ... and that God is in you and you are of God ... and so I know that what you choose for yourself, God is choosing for you.  Don't ask, don't tell ... just demonstrate God in your life for all to see!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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