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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, December 30, 2012 

        "As Colonel Sanders was sitting on his porch in Corbin, Kentucky, one morning, the mailman came up the walk and handed him his first social security check.  Sixty-five years old, broke and defeated, he looked at the check and said, "My government is going to give me a hundred and five dollars a month so I can eke out and existence.  Surely there is something I can do for myself and other people."  Motivation was working on him.  He began to think, and thinking always produces results.
             The thought of his mother's special recipe for fried chicken came to him.  It was a particular formula which he considered something special.  He decided to try to sell franchises for marketing his fried chicken formula.
              After being turned down by scores of restaurants, he sold his first franchise in Salt Lake City.  It was an instantaneous hit.  Ten years later at age seventy-five, he sold his  rights in the company and was employed as a goodwill ambassador for the new organization.  It is not the financial success that Colonel Sanders achieved that makes his life story significant.  His experience primarily underscores the fact that no person need to be defeated unless he wills it so.  And it also illustrates that life is full of possibilities if one gets motivated and works and thinks.  Then you find you can if you think you can."
- Norman Vincent Peale, You Can If You Think You Can

       Dr. Peale tells us in this wonderful little book filled with stories of people who achieved success, that "the most powerful motivation is spiritual motivation ... so expose yourself to the spiritual."  And he tells us to "image your goal ... hold that image in consciousness ... keep that image always before you and your goal will materialize."  And so we have the secret of success for so many people.  As we expose ourselves to the spiritual we realize that G-d does not favor anyone nor is G-d any respecter of persons.  With G-d we all have an even playing field.  No one has any greater advantage than anyone else.  Yet, the world has told us that this is not so and for those who have bought into this false idea, it has become the "big excuse" for not realizing something greater and more life-fulfilling in our lives.  Failure and poverty are not spiritual, they are of the world.  And so is struggle and frustration.  And these are images held in the mind of so many people who fail to find spiritual motivation.

      Now, not everyone is going to have a "mother's special recipe" or something of that nature, but each of us have something that we desire to do, to be, or to have.  Country Music star, Brad Paisley, in an interview with "Reader's Digest Magazine" had this advice for his sons:  "Visualize what you want out of life with all your might.  Close your eyes and build it in your mind.  If you want to be an architect, visualize the things you want to build.  If you want to be a songwriter, visualize the effect your music will have on the audience.  That's what I do.  If you don't dream about what you want, it will never come true."    Brad Paisley's words will definitely have a powerful effect on his sons, just as he has demonstrated in his own life. 

      When we seek the new in our inner world, we automatically take our mind off that which we no longer desire to experience.  And what we "train" our mind to "believe" we can achieve.  But, we must come to believe it as true for us and this is why exposing ourselves to the spiritual is so very important.  The Master Mind Jesus was speaking directly to all of us when he said, as written in the Gospel of Luke 17:21, "Neither shall they say, See here! or, see there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."  And he could have added with absolute truth that this kingdom is constructed of our thoughts, our beliefs, and the images that we hold in our mind.  We have the capacity to control our thoughts; to choose what we accept as true, and to choose that which we dwell on.  We have the capacity too, to decide which images that we take into our mind and which we reject as not part of the consciousness that we desire to maintain.  In order to be more prosperous, we must work in our mind to achieve it through our faculties of contemplation, concentration and imagination.  And by questioning ourselves whenever we become conscious that our thoughts and the images that come to our awareness are denying our prosperity.  We can set in motion "in our mind" images of ourselves being prosperous, being healthy, being happy, and being confident that G-d is responding to us, by corresponding to that which we have established as our truth.

     Think about these words and then ask yourself, "what is my understanding of these words and statements?" ... "Spiritual understanding will give you a new realization.  It will bring you into a new awareness.  You can go home and you can look at the same people, you can have the same business, do the same work, and yet with this new realization and understanding, all will appear transformed.  You will not only see everyone differently, but you will feel differently toward them.  Always, as you get new concepts about life and new ideas about yourself, everything else changes for the better. ... Right where you are, mind is.  Right where you are, life is.  Right where you are, love is, and so are peace, plenty, wholeness and beauty.  So is the rhythm of Life itself.  If you would feel the dance of life within you, you have but to attune yourself to this rhythm.” – Dr. Frank Richelieu, The Art Of Being Yourself

     This can be a prosperous New Year for all those who accept it as so.  We can stop "dancing with the devil that we know" and put the past struggles, disappointments, and short-comings behind us.  We can build within our mind a confidence that we can, because we know we can.  As Dr. Joseph Murphy has stated, "never resign yourself to anything" ... that does not reflect that which you choose to experience. 
Let us "get it in our mind" that this will be a prosperous New Year ... a year filled with expected and unexpected prosperity and joy ... remind yourself that miracles are made by people who put their faith into action ... first, in their mind, and then in every activity of their daily lives.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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