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Sunday, December 31, 2000
         "You can't see your mind, your life, or your feeling of love.   You can't see faith, either, but you can anchor your mind on the Invisible Power within you which is substantial and eternal and all-powerful."   - Dr. Joseph Murphy

                    I am looking forward to the happiest year of my Life so far.  I know that this year will bring me greater joy, greater peace, greater harmony, greater success, greater prosperity and greater love than I have ever experienced before.  I know this without a doubt and I feel confident that all these things and more will demonstrate in my Life.

                  How can I be so sure of this?  Because I have a firm conviction in the Power of God, that Invisible Intelligence within me, which created me and Is All-Powerful, and which enables me to walk over the waters of fear, doubt and worry, and I know this confidence in the Good will manifest for me.  I have given up the false protection of ego and fear and I no longer allow my past experiences to determine my future.  As I release my past, I allow Spirit to fill my Life with marvelous new experiences.  "When that which Is perfect comes, that which is imperfect comes to an end."  I have gained the awareness that my every Good desire, is God's desire for me and that God is giving me every thing God can to fulfill this desire.  I am ready to accept it and all I must do is maintain my Faith in It.  I do not need more Faith, all I need do is use and apply the Faith I have in the right way.  My focus for the Year 2001, is on "what I want" in my Life, not "what I don't want."  I know that my Life is a reflection of what I believe about myself and I can look at my Life as it is, and know that it was created with yesterday's beliefs, not today's.  Today, I affirm my Oneness with every Good thing I desire.  I maintain the highest "self-image" of myself that I can imagine.  I maintain my Faith that God is guiding and directing me, that I was born to succeed, born to live Life fully,  and that Infinite Intelligence [Omniscience] reveals new experiences to me that expand the richness and vitality of my Life.  I know that I am filled with confidence and self-assurance and I embrace this change in consciousness as I move into a "new" relationship with myself and others.  I may not be able to see my confidence and self-assurance, but It Is always with me.  Everything in my Life is a manifestation of my Faith in the unseen.  So, I can have Faith in all things Good, I can see the Good in each experience that God gives me and I can live with confidence in the Good.  I can know that everything that creates greater joy in my heart, greater love in my Life experience, is for me, because God is giving it to me and if God is giving it to me, who can take it away?  God walks and talks through me - this Is the Truth that sets me free from fear, from lack and limitation, from loneliness and despair.  This Is the Truth that creates in me the awareness that God Is Love and God's Life Is the One Life, there is only One Life and that Life is Peace, Harmony, Joy, Abundant, Happy and Free.  I am One with this One Life and so are You.

                      Believe that God Is Love and that this Love manifests Itself through you and your experiences.  Believe that God protects us, sustains us, prospers us and guides us with Love, and then - wonders will happen in your Life - things so wonderful that they will transcend your fondest dreams!

 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates
P., City of Angels Church