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 Spiritual Blindness
   Millions of people are "blind," i.e., they are psychologically and spiritually "blind" because they do not know that they become what they think all day long. Man is spiritually and mentally "blind" when he is hateful, resentful, or envious of others. He does not know that he is actually secreting mental poisons which tend to destroy him.

Thousands of people are constantly saying that there is no way to solve their problems, and their situation is hopeless. Such an attitude is the result of spiritual blindness. Man begins to see spiritually and mentally when he gets a new understanding of his mental powers, and develops a conscious awareness that the wisdom and intelligence in his subconscious can solve all his problems.

Everyone should become aware of the inter-relationship and interaction of the conscious and subconscious mind. Persons who were once blind to these truths, after careful introspection, will now begin to see the vision of health, wealth, happiness, and peace of mind that can be theirs through the correct application of the laws of mind.
- Dr. Joseph Murphy

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Dr. Joseph Murphy ( 1898 - 1981) 


          Dr. Joseph Murphy was Minister-Director of the Church of Divine Science in Los Angeles for 28 years, where his lectures were attended by 1300 to 1500 people every Sunday. His daily radio program during all that time was immensely popular. He moved to Laguna Hills, California in 1976, where he continued to speak every Sunday until he made his transition in 1981.

The author of more than thirty books, including The Power of the Subconscious Mind and Secrets of the I Ching (Reward/Prentice Hall Press), Dr. Joseph Murphy, remains a beacon of enlightenment and inspiration for legions of loyal followers.
            "I have seen miracles happen to men and women in all walks of life all over the world." -- Dr. Joseph Murphy.

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by Joseph Murphy, D.R.S., D.D., LL.D.
Fellow of the Andhra Research University of India

          <3RD Installment - Continued>  We are one with Infinite Power.  If we say we are weak or infirm, we are telling a falsehood about God.  Fear turns the love of God or good away from us in the same way that a poverty consciousness attracts poverty in health, money, business, and love relationships.  Man must stop preaching fear to his fellow man, and unite in teaching all of the Truth.

The Truth is that there is no hell, devil, purgatory, limbo, or damnation of any kind; moreover, there is no past karma for which we must expiate here; there is no future evil.  God is the Eternal Now!  This is one of the most dramatic and significant statements in the whole Bible:  "Now is the day of Salvation."  This very moment all that you do is turn to God and claim for yourself that which you long to be; accept it; believe it; and go thy way rejoicing.  "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow, though red like crimson they shall be as wool."  "Forgive till seventy times seven."  "This day thou shalt be with me in paradise."

            Let us stop instilling fear into the minds of the youth; let us teach them the real facts.  We must not preach religious tolerance except we live it.  We must teach the Truth.  We must not distort the Truth, so that we may hold a position, or because we are afraid that the people will not come back; this type of fear results in spiritual stagnation and frustration.  We must keep our eye on the Kingdom of Heaven, not upon the kingdom of earth.  We must teach man to know the Truth, and the Truth shall make him free.  The Truth is:  Man is belief expressed!

          There is no fear where faith in God rules.  There is no fear of man where integrity rules in one's consciousness.  There is no fear of criticism where the consciousness of kindliness enters into the mind of man.  Religion is goodwill in action or application of the golden rule.  We have seen, therefore, that fear is man's basic weakness, and it is based solely on ignorance.

           "In time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion; in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock."  "The pavilion" is a canopy or covering; this means the covering shall be the garment of God (mood of good).  Think about God.  Begin to ask yourself, "What does God mean to me?"  Realize that God, or I Am, is the Life in you, your own consciousness, and It is Omnipotent.

           For example, if a man is in prison, he automatically desires freedom.  God and good are synonymous.  He begins to think of this Infinite Power and Wisdom within him; he knows that It has ways of freeing him which he knows not of.  He imagines, therefore, the opposite which is freedom.  Though he is behind bars, in meditation he imagines that he is at home talking to his loved ones.  He hears familiar voices, and feels the welcoming kisses of his children on his cheek.  This is hiding in the pavilion.  The prisoner actualizes this state by feeling the joy of being home.  It is possible to rise high enough in consciousness in five or ten minutes to bring about a subjective conviction.  This is the meaning of, "In the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me."  The law is:  Whatever is impressed is expressed; consequently, the prison doors are open for him in ways that he knows not of.  "My ways are past finding out."

        We read in the Scriptures:  "Fear not, little flock, it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."  Jesus tells us this Kingdom is within us - this Kingdom of Heaven or harmony is within every one of us.  Infinite Wisdom, Divine Intelligence, and Infinite Power are available to all men, because God is within them, and He is the very Life of them.  Any one can prove to himself that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  It is right here now; Jesus saw it, and lived in it; we are color blind; that is why we do not see it; the blindness is due to ignorance and fear.  We are blinded by centuries of false beliefs, superstition, creeds, and dogmas.  The Truth is so shrouded by false dogmas, that we have created God and a heaven of our making.  God is to us what we believe Him to be.  Man has created a horrendous creature in the skies; he visualizes a God of caprice and vengeance, or an inscrutable being who sends wars, plagues, etc.  We create our own hell and our own heaven, based upon our concept of God.  Anyone can prove that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

           Let me tell you the story of a young girl who proved it.  She was living with a father who came home drunk every night, and sometimes treated her brutally.  She lived in constant fear of her father.  She kept house for him.  Due to frustration, her face was covered with acne.

           We are not living with people; we are living with our concept of them.  Realizing this truth, the girl in meditation closed her eyes and dwelt on the God Power within her.  She no longer clothed her father in the garment or mood of a drunkard.  Instead, she saw a loving, kind father, who had perfect balance, poise, and equilibrium.  She clothed him in righteousness, and her judgment was "a robe and a diadem"; which means that she saw her father as he ought to be.  The fact that her father was drinking heavily, meant that he was seeking escape to conceal an inferiority complex or a subjective sense of loss.  In other words he was trying to run away from himself.

           This girl spoke the word which healed him.  She relaxed her whole body, closed her eyes, and began to say to herself, "How would I feel if my father were loving, kind, and peaceful?"  She dwelt on the solution, which generated a mood of peace, confidence, and joy within her; this was clothing him in righteousness.  Her judgment was a "robe and diadem."

            When you pass judgment, you come to a decision.  It is the final verdict, and you are the judge passing judgment; "As I hear, I judge."  Her verdict was an inner hearing or feeling, wherein she saw her father smiling, happy, and joyous; she imagined he was telling her how wonderful he felt, and that he had found peace, balance, and poise.  She also heard him telling her how wonderful she was; she thrilled to the fact that her father was healed and made whole.  "He wore a seamless robe" - no holes, no patches, and no seams; this means she meditated on the mood of love, peace, and oneness with her ideal.  All doubts and fears were absent (judgment as the robe).  "Judgment as the diadem" means she gave "beauty for ashes," which signifies she saw beauty in her father and felt it.  Beauty was expressed on the screen of space.

          After one week's treatment her father was completely healed; moreover, he was a changed man.  His attitude was completely transformed, and they are devoted to each other.  She proved the Kingdom of Heaven (harmony and peace) is at hand NOW.  What are we afraid of?  "If God be for us, who can be against us?"  The thing you fear does not exist.

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